Constructing the base plate footings

Lewis and his team came to construct the footings for the base plates, using 6″ blocks and then infilling with concrete. Problem – for the last footings there were 3 blocks short, and none to be had in Bideford. I think this was resolved by using 4″. By lunchtime these were all finished (please see photos).

Problem – a telehandler was required to lift the rear arch and position it. The Clarke telehandler was available but no driver/operator, so the site was made tidy all ready for the erection of the arches, hopefully, on Monday.

The extra work of the footings has meant the 2-day time schedule has had to be extended, and LC HI has been very accommodating with this. It has resulted in a very professional job by Lewis and his team, assisted by Jed in the digger yesterday, in the preparation for the installation of the base plates, for which AMHT is very grateful.