Jane Hannah MacDonald III in May 2022

Jane Hannah MacDonald III

The Ex-RNLI Lifeboat Jane Hannah MacDonald III served at Appledore Lifeboat Station from 31st August 1910 to November 1922, saving 23 lives. JHM III is a fine, yet typical, example of a Self-Righting, ‘Pulling & Sailing’ ketch rig of standing lugsails Lifeboat. Built with two steel drop keels, with 10 oars and weighing just short of 4 tons, registered with the RNLI Official Number (ON) ‘611’ in 1910.

Her construction was Mahogany on Oak planks with calico between, corked in Double Diagonal.

The first motorised Lifeboat, the V.C.S., replaced the Jane Hannah MacDonald III. The RNLI introduced motorised Lifeboats across the fleet from the early 20th Century replacing all Pulling (rowing) & Sailing Lifeboats across the country.

The Jane Hannah MacDonald III Lifeboat also served in Eastbourne as No.2 Lifeboat, and Flamborough for 5 years as No.1 Lifeboat, before being sold out of service. She then began a new phase of life as a privately owned boat with a succession of owners. Whilst in private ownership, JHM III took part in the Dunkirk ‘Operation Dynamo’ evacuation.

The Appledore Maritime Heritage Trust is the custodian of the the Ex-RNLI Jane Hannah MacDonald III Lifeboat which is registered with National Historic Ships and the Association of Dunkirk Little Ships.

JHM III, fully manned, ready for launch at Appledore slipway.

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Project Aims


Acquire the ‘Jane Hannah MacDonald III’ Lifeboat.


Restore the Lifeboat to its original RNLI operational condition and build a carriage to transport the Lifeboat.


Preserve and maintain the Lifeboat for future generations.


Educate everyone about the ‘Jane Hannah MacDonald III’ Lifeboat, and the lady who benevolently donated to the RNLI and who’s name is bestowed upon the Lifeboat.

Current Status


The Lifeboat was bought and transported back from France by local businessmen Simon and James Morris and Rob Braddick, and is securely stored in a yard in the Clovelly Road Industrial Estate pending restoration.
The boat was donated by Simon, James and Robert on 4th Jun 2020 to the Trust.
The Lifeboat ownership was transferred to the Trust and re-registered with National Historic Ships UK and the Asociation of Dunkirk Little Ships.


The Lifeboat was surveyed by Adrian Stone, a highly experienced surveyor, who was enthusiastic from the start. His comprehensive report gives a plan for the restoration.


A protective PVC temporary building has been erected to enable the restoration to proceed.


Volunteers will learn new skills from a professional shipwright. The public will learn not only about Appledore and JHM III but also the wider North Devon Maritme Heritage.


There have been dedicated lifeboats at Appledore since 1824. The entrance to the Taw and Torridge Estuary is one of the most dangerous in the country, and approximately 2,000 sailors’ lives have been lost within sight of it over the centuries. Three lifeboat stations existed in Victorian times and a total of 11 lifeboats were housed in these stations at various times, up until 1885 when a new boat arrived…

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