Progress update for renovation work on Jane Hannah Macdonald lifeboat.

Over the summer Chris has been busy. Here is an update of work carried out through the summer months.

June/July 2023

I continued removing rot from the ribs and treating them, many of which are fairly sound above the turn of the bilge, unfortunately it seems water sitting in the boat was the cause of them rotting in the bilge itself.

I’ve also removed the double diagonal side decks, which although well-constructed are very much non original. I’ve numbered all the pieces as they were removed and put them in the container so we have them for future purpose if necessary. The bearers on which the side decks were set have been left in place as at present they are providing lateral strength within the boat and keeping her shape for the time being.

The original gunwale is now revealed, along with the knees just aft of the forward whaleback. The original rowlock positions can be seen. Much of the gunwale is in as good a condition as could be hoped without too much major deterioration in evidence as elsewhere in the boat. The knees are remarkably good, although they have chunks taken out of them to allow the side deck carlin to be notched in. The gunwale would have had a capping on it originally which we’ll replace in time.

The gunwale has been treated so hopefully shouldn’t deteriorate any further.  

Work has now halted while we raise the money for a cradle to support the vessel ready for the next stage of renovation.