Grand Application Successful

It was confirmed that the AMHT application to the Councillor Grants Fund has been successful.

The trustees are very grateful to Councillor Bushby for the £500, which will be put towards the installation of electricity, tools and equipment as soon as the Temporary Building is erected.

The turn-over cradle has been drawn by Mike Greener, one of the engineer volunteers from SS Freshspring.

This is based on the turn-over rig that was used in the restoration of The William Riley, which was found on the banks of the Taw in 2005. She was taken back up to Whitby, where she was restored, and completed in 2008.

Fabrication of the cradle is being negotiated at present.

In June RK travelled to Whitby and met with Pete Thomson and Tim Hicking, both of whom had been to Barnstaple to fetch WR in 2005, and have been involved with the project all the way through. It was an extremely informative visit, and very inspirational to see and hear what they had achieved.